Ornamental pruning can include thinning and removing unwanted, dead, and diseased branches. In many cases however, in additions to pruning, a crown reduction may be necessary to reduce size and add shape to a specific tree or shrub.


Some of the more common crown reductions we perform are on trees like crabapples, ornamental cherries, and American hollies, and on shrubs like rhododendrons. This is a talent of ours that not many "others" posses. It takes years of practice and supervision to develop the proper "eye" to get an ornamental just right. The result, is a plant that is not only vigorous, but also beautiful!


Scheduling recurring pruning assessments at least every winter lets us give your prized plants the care they need to thrive. It also provides extra benefits, including improving the aesthetics of your trees, adding proper clearance from structures, and preventing property damage or potential harm to people and pets.

ornamental tree pruning
ornamental tree pruning


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