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The goal of Comolli Tree & Crane is to provide a complete and professional tree and landscape service to our customers and clients on Cape Cod. Field experience passed down through three generations of arborists along with our college educations in arboriculture and landscape maintenance/design makes us true experts in the industry. We specialize in the cultivation, management, and study of individual trees, shrubs, and other woody plants. Comolli Tree & Crane has been able to maintain high standards of quality, customer service and reliability while at the same time providing a personal experience for every customer and client.



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    Why Comolli Tree & Crane?

    Specialized Tree Services
    We are a full service Residential and Commercial tree & shrub care company serving Mid Cape and Upper Cape Cod.
    Certified Arborists
    We have the expertise and fine pruning techniques to help save time and money on your next project.
    Stump Grinding & Removal
    We have the equipment to remove a tree stump. After the stump is ground, we will remove the grindings and leave the area nice and neat.
    When it comes to tree care services, Comolli Tree & Crane - Cape Cod gets to the root of your problems quickly and efficiently!

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